Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I am finally back and creating my new Santas for 2010....Here is the 1st and featured on artsaflutter.com
He is my Norwegian "Julenisse"
I plan on doing my Santa guys throughout the year. I just love working on them, collecting quilts, old buttons, bearding and vintage fabric for their creation.
Winter has not broken up yet here in the State of Wisconsin so it seems like Christmas to me!! i did see my first Robin yesterday and heard the first Wren of Spring so it can not be long now for the Spring rains to fall and the grass to turn green again. All we need now is a little heat to melt the gigantic snow piles. thanks for visiting Melissa Zietz..Melissa & Company


  1. Beautiful and outstanding vintage one of a kind Santas. Love them and one day I will own one. Len